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About Silk Is Chic

Best known for The "Little" Silk Hair Cap, Taffy Mayes is one of the most sought after, distinguished silk hair care accessory designers around today.  Women are tired of having unhealthy hair and want an upscale, practical and affordable silk hair cap to protect their hair from environmental pollutants, harsh materials such as cotton pillow cases; nylon, which pulls your hair, and silky types which are not natural and should not be placed against the hair.  Her luxury hair care products are high quality options that work to be the best hair protection for women of color because silk is a protein similar to hair and is highly recommended by dermatologist, and hair experts in the industry.


Taffy Mayes, is the Founder/CEO of Silk is Chic International, an aspiring luxury brand and manufacturer of 100% silk charmeuse hair care products.  She was the first black woman to design the original silk hair cap.  She was born and raised in Carbondale, Illinois.  Silk is Chic began as Lynischic International in 1994 in Seattle, Washington and went through a name change in 2019.  Taffy has over 26 years experience in business management, product development,  supervision, and customer service. 

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