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  • Q: Can I wash my silk hair cap?
    A: Yes, you may machine wash your hair cap on a delicate cycle along with other delicate items. You may use your choice of laundry detergent.
  • Q: Is the silk hair cap comfortable?
    A: Yes, it is made of a crepe back satin which allows your hair to slip and slide and rest. The elastic is flexible and very comfortable.
  • Q: Will I sweat a lot?
    A: No, however, it depends on each individual. Silk is porous and allows your hair to breathe. Your room temperature, type of bedding you use, and personal body make-up all attributes to whether you will sweat or not.
  • Q: Will my silk hair cap stay on my head?
    A: Yes, your silk hair cap will stay on your head, the elastic is secure enough to stay on. Of course if you toss and turn a lot during sleep, it is liable to come off.
  • Q: Is this hair cap suitable for a 5 year old bi-racial girl?
    A: Yes, absolutely! Our silk hair caps are made particularly for all multi- cultural and African American women and girls.
  • Q: Will my hair cap help my hair to grow?
    A: Yes, your hair will grow and retain the natural moisture from your scalp. If you use hair growth serums or oils, or take biotin, sleeping in your silk hair cap will definitely help your hair to grow, it's the best solution.
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